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New Screw Manufacture.

TWS is the UK's leading feed screw manufacturer and manufactures screws to be a direct replacement for your OEM part.
We manufacture screws from 18mm Ø up to 180mm Ø and length’s up to 6200mm in one piece, for longer lengths the screws are generally made in two or more pieces.
  • Screws are manufactured from En41B (905M39) Nitriding steel, which is then nitrided for over 80 Hrs
  • Hard surfacing can be applied to the flight tips using the stellite and Colmony products, otherwise known as Bimetallic.
  • Surface treatments include Hard Chrome Plating and also Tungsten Carbide Coating.


Screw Manufacture

We offer the following options for measuring and drawing your existing screw design. 
  1. We can visit your premises & measure your screw to produce a drawing.
  2. Send your screw to our factory, we will then measure & produce a drawing, we will then endeavor to send your screw back to you within 48 hrs.
  3. Send your worn screw for refurbishment & at the same time we can measure your screw & produce a drawing (which we can use at a later date to manufacture a new screw. Please state when sending a screw for refurbishment that you would like us to draw your screw for future reference.)
Once we have manufactured your replacement screw, we can fully refurbish your old screw to an "as new" condition therefore giving you a spare screw to rotate between production & refurbishment.

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