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Barrel Refurbishment.


TWS can in most cases refurbish worn extruder barrels by honing parallel oversize and then refurbish the screw to suit the new barrel size, If the barrel is made from En41B it will be re-nitrided to the original hardness, bimetallic barrels do not require re-hardening as the hardness is still present.

For Injection Moulding Barrel Refurbishment Please Click Here

If the barrel is too worn to hone out we can manufacture a new replacement barrel in either Nitriding steel (EN41B) or with a bimetallic bore please Click Here


Rubber Industry Barrels

Barrels used in the rubber industry can in most cases be refurbished as above. But some barrels have liners which may need replacing or a new barrel manufacturing.


Food /Feed Industry Barrels

For the cereal and pet food industries TWS can refurbish most types of barrels for the feed industries including

  • · Spiral and straight fluted segmented barrels all sizes. (New/refurbished)

  • · Single and twin screw liners. (New)

  • · Twin screw modules. (New)

  • · Mild steel/stainless steel trough type transfer barrels. (New/refurbished)

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